Active Release Technique

There are over 500 patented and specific protocols unique to ART. These protocols are used to help the provider find the specific problem affecting the individual and correct it. Repetitive stress, strains/sprains, muscle spasm and hypoxia (lack of oxygen) can lead to inflammation and the formation of dense scar tissue resulting in poor joint mechanics and loss of full function.

Our bodies own scar tissue removal systems are slow and often times ineffective, leading to chronic repetitive injuries. As a certified ART Provider, Dr. Land can quickly and efficiently remove the scar tissue, promoting optimal function and healthier tissue. Active Release Technique initially emerged in the NFL over a decade ago, and currently over 80% of professional sports teams in the U.S. utilize ART sports chiropractic practitioners to improve performance before and after events and to allow for faster healing of injuries.

Dr. Land is ART certified in upper extremities, lower extremities, spine, biomechanics, and nerve entrapments. He also furthered his ART knowledge through an ART Master’s certification and as an ART Iron Man provider.
He was recently part of the medical staff and ART treatment team for the Florida Iron Man in Panama City, FL.